Pique, don't pitch.

Connecting to the heart starts with knowing who you are talking to. Then making sure to talk and connect with that person in a way that piques their interest and curiosity. Learn 2 simple ways to do that.

Pique, don't pitch.
Photo by Alice Donovan Rouse / Unsplash

Yesterday, I heard someone doing a pitch and calling it content. "Oh no, this is not good," I thought. There's definitely a better way.

So I did decide to write down this little reminder for myself.

Nobody sign-ups to be sold to.

If we want to connect to the heart, we need to pique people's interests and natural curiosity.

Here are two ways to do exactly that.

1. Speak to the ONE.

Make each video, post, comment whatever, specific to ONE person or persona.

I remember being at a busy coffee shop, and in a rush, the barista was only calling out drink names. Nobody knew which drink was for them.

Everyone ignored her, and the drinks backed up at the counter. It was a mess.

Before you write, record, or create anything, know who you're talking to, and speak directly to them.

Here are some questions that might help.

  1. Who's this for?
  2. What's the context they're in? (Are they scrolling, listening on a phone, etc.)
  3. What do they want? (From me, right now, at this moment)

Now, talk to that person, not a group, not your critics, not to the world out there, speak to just that person!

2. Show vs tell.

Don't just talk to me. Be visual and show me!

Last week, I went to IKEA and I was reminded of just how impactful their SHOWroom is. They don't have their products lined up on shelves like most stores. Instead, they have you walk through a whole lot of inspiration that SHOWS their products in action.

How we 'show vs tell'

In the spirit of 'show vs tell' we added our very first episode of Beast Your Brand, (our pre-covid Brand Makeover show) to our new Youtube channel.

Check it out, and let us know what you think?

That's it. If you do these two things I can almost guarantee that your content/ads/copy or whatever communication you're creating will improve 100% 🙌🏾

Enough about what I think. What do YOU think?


What does this look like for YOU?

Who is your #1 passion person, how can you talk to THEM specifically when you write or create?

ACT ⚡️

Don't just talk about it, be about it.

Take a 100-word piece of copywriting (ie sales writing that is meant to get people to take action) now create a 30-second video OR a series of images that visually shows and depicts what you are saying.

Think ACTION shots. 📸


I don't have all the answers, but I'd love to engage with you on these questions.

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