Marketing is Stories

Marketing is connecting with the stories and narratives your people ALREADY want to tell.

Marketing is Stories
Photo by Dan Farrell / Unsplash

What if marketing was simply connecting with the stories your people ALREADY want to tell and live into?

Summer vibes

Last weekend was the Fourth of July here in the states. The holiday's right in the middle of summer, so it always seems to give me the summer vibes of being free and having fun.

During the long weekend, I found myself at Target numerous times. The last time I went, I was at the front of the register, my budget maxed out, and I was adamant about not buying not one more thing. "I'm done!" I protested aloud to myself and to my family who were tagging along.

Just as soon as the words rolled out of my eyes glanced over and spotted this beautiful bright teal ice chest cooler. It had FUN written all over it and I was sooo drawn to it.

My Future & my Past

I almost paused my current purchase, just to go over and buy it. I had no immediate need for it, but the urge was strong! Maybe it was the nostalgia of the long holiday Weekend. BBQ smoke in the air, Slip n Slide in the backyard, dominos being slammed as big heaps of potato salad were being served. It just felt like summer, both of my past, and my desired future.

Now enters this encounter with this new bright and cute water cooler that would be a perfect way to lean more into that summer vibe. I'm daydreaming that it would somehow magically make me plan more beach trips, and finally, go on those camping adventures at the lake I've been putting off. I think it might help me do all of the other fun summer things I long for before summer ends.

I wasn't the only one this cooler was having this effect on either. As I eyed it from the register, numerous people stopped, examined, and picked it up. In fact, 5 out of the 8 on display were gone before I even left the store.

What is it about the nostalgia of seasonal shopping that opens us up to buy and spend more?

👉 How might we as entrepreneurs consider the seasonal, emotional, and environmental context our people are in?

A few questions to consider

  • What stories are your people ALREADY trying to tell and live into right now?
  • What are they ALREADY investing and allocating resources to right now?
  • What product, service, or offer, naturally fits into the micro-moment or season they are currently in?
  • In what high-traffic places can you strategically place your goods where they might see, notice, and consider them?


I would love to hear your thoughts on this. Hit reply and let me know what you think.

With love,

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