The Magic Power of Sharing a Story

The Magic Power of Sharing a Story
Photo by Mauro Lima / Unsplash

This week I went to a workshop by coach, colleague, client, and friend Anne Roche.

I was happy to be there AND...I also had no idea what to expect.
(other than a good time.) lol

From day one, Anne held the space beautifully. She delivered a whole plethora of transformational tools that challenged me in new ways.

I thought Whoa!! These tools were where my breakthrough was going to come from. And so I leaned in and wrote fast.

Then as the day went on each individual began to share stories from their own journey. Then like magic, all of the lines that were outlined by the framework began to be colored in with detail, contrast, and vibrancy.

Each story shared felt like a mirror. I could see myself, my hangups, all of my repeated challenges, and breakthrough opportunities more clearly.

I didn't even need a step-by-step on how to implement what I was learning because the stories that were shared, led me to find my own path of transformation and possibility. A unique perspective that was just for me.

On the flip side, when I shared my own deeply vulnerable stories, I heard myself and my stories with new clarity. I was reminded of all the important things I had forgotten or lost sight of.

I left the 3-day workshop changed. And forever convinced that stories are one of the greatest mechanisms we have to create change for ourselves and others.

It's simply a matter of giving ourselves the gift of practicing and using stories within every aspect of our lives.

Especially in those places, where we want to see change happen.

👉 Where do you notice stories having the most impact on you?

Here are some of the photos from this past weekend.

PS: If you are looking for ways to sharpen your story skills. The Story Skills Workshop is launching again.

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PSS: This was the place I first learned how to practice and share my stories. And now I have the honor of partnering with Bernadette to share this gift out in the world.

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