Playfully Productive

I had to rethink what it looks like to be productive.

Playfully Productive
Photo by Wayne Lee-Sing / Unsplash

A better way to be productive.

Sooooo it's the early 2000s, and my dance crew and I are in the studio dripping sweat, dancing as if our lives depended on it.

"Again!!!", someone calls out. My heart drops.
I'm tired, sore, and I just want to go home.

But that's not happening anytime soon.

It's the night before our big competition and we traveled 8+ hours from Sacramento to San Diego, just to prove we were the best in the West.

So, here we were, late in the night, running our routine for the umpteenth time. Tediously go over each move with fine-tooth precision.

After many grueling hours, we finally end the rehearsal physically and mentally exhausted.

It was late and I couldn't wait to get some sleep.

But... before we could leave, it was announced that our parent crew... (the group that founded our group) had to finish rehearsing their set.

Aaah... shoot.

As everyone got situated, I thought to myself, well at least I'll get to see how the A-team rehearsed. This was a rare occasion, and I was excited to get a glimpse.

So, tired and sweaty, I sat on the floor and Eagerly awaited the magic to happen.

The master crew took their spots.
But as soon as they started, I noticed something was different.

Their rehearsal was a stark contrast to ours.

All they did was PLAY!?
They ran around, almost like kids teasing, and mocking each other. Jumping, laughing, and goofing around.

It went on for hours...⏳

I was tired and annoyed.

Aaaaah..."What are they doing!?!?!?!?!"
We only had so many hours in the studio.
And time was running out.

Finally in the eleventh hour.

They quickly put the finishing touches on their set.
And we went home.

The next day to my surprise... they killed it.
Their set was flawless and I was perplexed.

I didn't see it then, but now I do...

PLAY was an essential part of their process.
It was the main ingredient for how they created.

They worked hard but played even harder.
The play outshined the work 100%

This moment made me rethink some things...

What if playing is actually the key ingredient for being more purposely productive?

Hmmmm.. what do you think?

It's been a lot of years later, and I'm still just now exploring the effects of putting more play in my day.

On my low-energy days when I have back-to-back meetings, I often use play to help me go the distance.

My playlist:

7 Things that help give me energy when I've run out:

  • Skateboarding around my parking lot
  • Riding my bike around the corner
  • Taking a walk on the trail
  • Freestyle Dancing to a song I'm loving
  • Making a beat, and recording myself rapping or singing to it
  • Taking Kobe (my pup) for a walk or a game of fetch
  • Playing some music (Guitar, piano, and drums are my go-tos)

PS: If you've read this far...
👉 What are some ways you like to play?

I'm facilitating a conversation about this very subject "How to get more Play in Your day"

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