Lemon trees and growth

Lemon trees are abundant and remind us that we can be abundant too.

Lemon trees and growth
Photo by George Lemon / Unsplash

Today I got a photo from a friend who loves nature like me. Sometimes we send each other pics and today she sent me some fruit trees. When I saw them I immediately saw abundance.

Usually, the thought of abundance would bring me joy. But for some reason, seeing the photo with all of the lemons overflowing made me weep.

I thought "Man!? I wonder if I'll ever be able to have a tree like that... will I'll ever have abundant trees of my own?"

After sulking a bit. A jolt of clarity hit me.

"Child, please!... Girl, you can have a tree if you want one! You just have to do the work"

Trees are not picky about who plants them. You do the work, you see the fruit. It's that simple.

I was reminded that every tree started as a seed that turned into a bud that was then nourished until year after year it grew into what it is today.

'You want a tree? You can have one. You just have to do the work.

Be patient. It takes time for seeds to turn into abundance. But guess what... there is no better time to plant than now.

After this little breakdown and revelation, I went out and bought myself a lemon tree (and a cantaloupe plant) I plan on making a little container garden right here on my front patio. No more waiting for someday, today is the day to start planting my seeds!

👉 What fruit trees are you wanting to cultivate and enjoy in your future? How might you start planting, nourishing, and doing the work required, today?


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