Last Call for Story Skills

The Story Skills Workshop with Bernadette Jiwa on Seth Godin's Akimbo Platform. The final one.

Last Call for Story Skills
Photo by Mike Erskine / Unsplash
📣 Special Announcement

In late 2019, Bernadette Jiwa let her community know that she was doing a beta workshop with Seth Godin. And with no hesitation, I was in. It's not an overstatement when I say this workshop changed my life. It has changed the way I write, the way I lead, and most importantly my perspective on life. (crazy right)

The workshop is running one last time under the Akimbo banner and closes tomorrow night. So if you ever thought of taking this workshop, now's the time.

Email me if you have any questions or want to learn more. 🙌🏾

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