For You First 🫵🏽

Embracing your weird is often the first step in making change that matters.

For You First 🫵🏽
Photo by Hannah Busing / Unsplash

Most movements of significance start like this...

Check out this video. 👇

  1. One fully expressed human starts unabashedly doing their thing.
  2. Someone joins in.
  3. Then another one, and another one...
  4. Finally, the weird thing becomes the thing.
  5. And just like that the culture is changed.

👉 What's your weird thing? How will you start expressing it with audacity even before the others join in?

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PS: I first swiped the above video from Seth, who got it from Paul, who I guessed swiped it from Derek... who probably got it from this Youtube post. This video has been around. But it's still teaching me lessons on how to lead from the inside out.

PSS: Seth's new book The Song of Significance is a bright and insightful body of work about how we do the meaning work of being significant. Especially in the context of our current work cultures.

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