Simple Growth Tip

Sometimes letting other people praise you (instead of yourself) is one of the quickest ways to grow.

Simple Growth Tip
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OPP: Other People's Praise

"Sometimes other people selling you is better than YOU selling you."

When I was a young choreographer, I dreamed of working with one particular artist who had a crazy edgy vibe I loved. I saw him on TV one Saturday, then I was like I HAVE to work with him! The only problem was I was a young, unknown, self-proclaimed choreographer & he was a big-time, one-man band of an artist who rarely used dancers.

We (the artist and I) had a couple of grace interactions over the years but none of our conversations turned into anything of substance.

I tried another way.

I started to connect with the artist manager, Mark. Every chance I got I'd bug Mark to give me a shot but Mark would just laugh and shrug me off. Show after show, where the artist and I were on the same bill, I would find Mark and remind him that he needed me to choreograph, but all he gave me was a polite laugh as he shook his head with pity.

This was the song and dance we did.

Then one day, it all changed

One particular show, after just performing, I was hanging out and walking through the crowd. Then a big-time promoter in the area, right in mid-sentence of talking with Mark, noticed me and interrupted Mark to get my attention. "OMG, Enrika!!!" She hurried over to me and had the security exhort me through the barrier and into the VIP section.

Right there, in front of Mark, she began exclaiming how much she loved my work. And how excited she was to have found me. She wanted to book me to choreograph a special opening for her show. I can sense Mark's face light up with surprise. I think it was in that moment that he began to recognize the possibility and value I might bring. It wasn't much longer after that, that I became the choreographer for that artist I dreamed of working with.

� Who ALREADY loves what you do? How might their voice give even more weight to the value you deliver?


Here's a video of some of my choreography from back in the day. ✨

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