Anyone can do this...

An effective yet simple marketing strategy anyone can do.

Anyone can do this...
Photo by Namroud Gorguis / Unsplash

Marketing to me is reminding people of what they ALREADY love.

Not too long ago, right before covid, I was perusing Facebook, then out of the blue I saw a little banner ad from a band I LOVE, but somehow totally forgot existed. The ad said they were doing a farewell tour. My heart dropped. Whaaat!? noooooo can't be! I LOVE this band.

I stopped what I was doing, booked the ticket, and then went to Spotify to re-familiarize myself with their songs.

What I found there shocked me. Their Spotify was full of albums and songs I HAD NO IDEA EXISTED. When did all of this happen? My heart was a little sad to know all of this goodness was happening and I didn't know about any of it.

I went to the concert, had a blast... but I still couldn't believe this was the last time I'd see them live or hear their music. It was a bittersweet moment.

👉 What if reminding your people you exist is the most generous thing you can do?

  • Who are the people who already love what you do?
  • Where are they hanging out?
  • How might you send them a generous reminder of who you are, what you're up to, and how they can connect with you? Sooner rather than later?
  • And if you want to dive deeper, here are 3 Practical Ways to Stay Connected with your People

Here's a clip from that night...

PS: The band I saw is called Gungor
(Just in case ya'll interested in that, feel good, calm, hippy, hip-hop, funk, human-love, type of music 🤷🏾‍♀️... haha)

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