5 questions to help create better content

Most Entrepreneurs struggle with keeping up with creating meaningful content that connects. But what if connecting to the heart was less about content or more about crafting meaningful connections that spark inspiration and conversation.

5 questions to help create better content
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Are you keeping up with the Content Jones's?

Most entrepreneurs I know are running hard to keep up with creating the content demands they place on themselves.

But keeping up is not an easy thing.

Just the other day, I was working with one of my brand story coaching clients. She had a list of 30 videos she needed to make by a certain deadline. She wanted to check the videos off her list but was having a hard time getting them done.

Me trying to keep up 

( Me trying to keep up with my content creation schedule. 👆)

But for what?

I love that she was creating, but I also was super curious about why she was creating and what she was creating.

It reminded me of myself and all the times I thought being consistent meant creating a butt load of content every single day.

Who do you work for?

Instagram, FB, Twitter, and all of the other social mediums out there are starving for content, and I like most entrepreneurs can feel the squeeze of needing to feed the beast. But guess what I realized after struggling for so many years...

Uh...I don't work for Instagram!

Or any of the other content monsters out there. I work for change. So instead of asking how much content, I can create faster. I started to ask more meaningful questions.

5 Questions to ask for creating content your people crave

1. Where are my people at? (emotionally, online, offline, etc.)
2. What do my people want?
3. What micro engagement can I create that's both simple & effective?
4. How might I help my people experience one micro-change they already want to see within themselves?
5. What small generous act can I do today (in the next hour)?

Connection over Content

Contrary to what most gurus tell you...

Your people don't seek content, they seek connection.

People are actively looking for the real connections that can help them actualize the stories they most want to live into. Content is simply a means to an end. Not the end itself. I like the questions one of my favorite marketing authors Seth Godin helps us ask.

Often times slowing down and being intentional with what you're creating is the best way forward. ⏀


Take some time to discover and uncover.

How might we create content with more meaning? Intention? Impact?
👉What might THESE posts, videos, and reels look like?

ACT ⚡️

Don't just talk about it, be about it.

  • Sometimes the best connection is Re-connection
    Reach out and connect to 2 customers or followers you've connected with in the past. Let them know you were thinking about them, ask what they are up to. Thank them for the genuine connection you had way back when.
  • Connect simply through stories.
    Instead of creating your normal type of content, try reintroducing yourself. This week, make a video or go live to share your why story, a work-in-progress story, and/or a challenge to change story.

Share 💬

I don't have all the answers but I LOVE to engage with my people on the questions.

  • Did you take action?... How did it go?
  • What happened?
  • What came up for you?
  • What was most useful and/or challenging about this?

I'd love to hear your thoughts on this!

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